Format the new partition
We have often come across the word MBR or GPT.  If you’re installing Windows 8 / Windows 8, you’ll get an option asking you if you want the new partition as GPT or as MBR? What is GPT partition or MBR partition and how will it affect my hard disks? […]

Difference between MBR and GPT!

We have been working on one virtual server from the start. In small companies, you may get one server and you’ll have to use it as a DHCP, DNS, Active Directory and an IIS server. But in industries, each server has only one function. You’ll have one server for DHCP, […]

Add new servers in Server 2012

Data is the most important thing today. With the increasing amount of data everyday, as a System Administrator you should to scale up your hard disks so store everyone’s data in it.  There will be time when you’ll have to add new hard disks in your server to meet the new […]

How to add new hard disks in Server 2012

If you don’t know what Disk Space Quota is please refer this link. Now that we know everything about Disk Space Quota, lets see how to set Quotas in Server 2012. For Quota Management, we need File Server Resource Manager. It isn’t installed by default so we will have to […]

How to set Quotas in Server 2012

In any industry big or small, you need to manage many users. Now as a system admin, you can manage each user individually by selecting a user, giving him permissions and doing this procedure to all the remaining users. You can do this, but to a limited number of users. […]

Add users to group in Server 2012

Formatted your PC recently? Or want a software to download? Well here is the list of all the popular and daily use softwares! No need to go and google any software, or search for the Download button within Ads, or download and install a new software along with your software. […]


Prerequisites : Set a static IP for you server. Before configuring a DNS server, you should at least have a basic idea about DNS server and how it works. If you don’t know anything you can check this post. If you want to know about the records inside a DNS […]

Adding host in DNS server in Server 2012

In this post we will learn how to configure basic DHCP server in Server 2012. Configuring a DHCP server is very easy, the only thing you need to take care of is WINS server. WINS server was an alternate option for the traditional DNS server but it failed. But still […]

Configure basic DHCP server

In the earlier post we saw how to install Active Directory Domain Services, DHCP server and DNS server. Now that everything is installed lets start configuring these features. In this post we will see how to Configure Active Directory Domain Services. Since we just installed these features we got some […]

Configure Active Directory Domain Services

We now know the features and requirements of server 2012, how to install it, how to navigate in server and how to change its default name. So let’s go a step further and install the 3 most important features of Windows Server 2012 Active Directory, DHCP and DNS server. Since […]

Install Active Directory, DHCP and DNS in Server 2012

When you first see the Local Server in Server Manager, you’ll notice a very weird computer name. It doesn’t harm you but no-one likes complicated name, more so when it is a Server. So in this post we’ll see how to change the name of your Server. You can keep […]

How to change server name in Windows Server 2012

As you know Microsoft recently launched it’s another version of Windows Server, which is more powerful and user-friendly than the old Server 2008 and 2003. The new Windows 2012 server has the same UI as that of Windows 8, and if you have used Windows Server 2003 or Server 2008, […]

How to install Windows Server 2012

Windows Registry! Windows registry is like an open door to the Operating System. You can go inside change some values and directly manipulate the working of windows, either for good or for bad! In short you can directly change the working of Windows, just by editing the values of keys […]

Introduction to Windows Registry!

In this post we will see how to create a backup by using Registry using registry editor, Or Ccleaner, and then how to restore that backup! Registry is one of the most crucial part of your windows, change one value , delete one key and you can jeopardize your Windows, […]

How to make a backup of your Registry

Windows XP was and still is one of the best Microsoft’s Operating System. Some people are so used to XP, that they can’t use Windows 7. XP is easy to use, configure, and has everything sorted out. No complications. But, this is when you’re using XP. The installation Of Windows […]

How to Install Windows XP

When you buy a new laptop, with 320GB hard-disk or 500GB hard-disk, you get only partition in it either of 280GB or 470GB respectively. Many of us wants to arrange our disks. Keep one partition for movies and songs, other for data and another one for ‘C’ Drive, but we […]

Windows Disk Management