Windows 7

MAC Address Spoofing. So now we know, What is MAC address? Use of MAC address? How computers communicate using IP and MAC. Now let’s check , how to spoof MAC address. Adding an extra address over the existing one is called spoofing. It can be used to trick other computers […]

MAC Address Spoofing.

When you buy a new laptop, with 320GB hard-disk or 500GB hard-disk, you get only partition in it either of 280GB or 470GB respectively. Many of us wants to arrange our disks. Keep one partition for movies and songs, other for data and another one for ‘C’ Drive, but we […]

Windows Disk Management

Everybody uses Windows, and we are at this point, that if you don’t use windows, you just can’t work. But don’t you simply hate it when your windows freezes, or hangs, or goes in a dead lock moment, every other time you’re working? In this post, we will check 5 […]

How to speed up your Windows 7?

What do you do when your machine is full of viruses? Hanging every other time you try to do your work? Taking minutes and minutes to start an application! You call an engineer and tell him to format the disk and Reinstall Windows 7 ! And for this small task,¬†you […]

How to install Windows 7

Burn A CD using Windows 7. Many of us don’t know half of the features that Microsoft provides us with Windows ! In this post, we will see How to burn a CD using the Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can choose any Image/ISO file you want and simply […]

Burn a CD using Windows 7

Many of us underestimate Windows Command Prompt. We just think of it as, black screen where we write commands. But this little black screen windows possesses power that Windows GUI doesn’t. The things you can do in GUI can be done in command prompt too, plus cmd has more commands […]

Basic Windows Commands.