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Many of us, while using Virtual Box on your 32-Bit Operating system face this problem. This small error doesn’t allow you to run your Virtual Machine. The error we are going to solve in this post is: Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU! This […]

Virtual Box unable to boot error!

How to configure your Xen server. Now that you have installed XenServer hypervisor, you have to configure it to work properly. Configuring is easy. We will first see how to manage network in XenServer. What if you want to change the IP address? Go to network and management interface. On […]

How to use Citrix Xen

Virtualization is a very vast topic, this is just a brief introduction. Basics that you should know about Virtualization. So what is Virtualization?  Well, Virtualization can be categorized in two ways: – One the most basic way in which you create an Operating System virtually on an existing machine. That is, it […]

What is Virtualization?

Citrix Xen is a HyperVisor used to manage Various VM’s and give resources for them. A hypervisor is a machine, that takes care of all the virtual machines running on it. It gives them a platform to run, monitors its usage and gives them the required resources to work smoothly. […]

How to Install Citrix Xen?

How to Create Virtual Machine using VMware We already know what is Virtualization? So now that you know what Virtualization is and its various advantages, let’s go a step ahead and build your own machine in VMware. That means, we are going to create a new Operating System inside our […]

Create Virtual Machine using VMware

If you have no idea about Virtualization please check this post before proceeding. Oracle VM VirtualBox is a software that is used to create virtual machines on your Base machine. Just like VMware, VirtualBox also provides you with same features. So what is the Difference? VirtualBox is FREE. You don’t have to […]

Create Virtual Machine using VirtualBox