things you should know

Have you faced a situation when you tried to explain a solution to your friend or co-worker and ended up with an irritated and spoilt mood. We all know how difficult it is to instruct someone about the configuration and settings over phone. Don’t you just wish you could go […]

What is TeamViewer?

Recently, 4chan was the all over the news in one of the most controversial hacking activity that took place in the last few years bought. People criticized it as the images first surfaced on this site. Websites, Newspapers went on a rampage to degrade its reputation. After a few weeks […]

What is 4chan?

Time and again, we have seen celebrities tweeting their followers that they will be available on Reddit for a AMA session. You might have come across some good links on Reddit. Reddit was also on news for the recent celebrity leaks. Sadly, many of the novice and day-to-day users still […]

What is Reddit?