Data, as mentioned in earlier posts, are one of the most important things to look after in any server. Which is why, Microsoft has introduced Storage pools, which are very much like LVM in Linux. But is it really necessary? Do we need Storage pools? Well lets see how we […]

Create and manage Storage pools in Server 2012

What is FTP Server? FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. A FTP server is basically used to transfer files within or outside a network! For transmitting or exchanging files between various computers a standard protocol is used! These protocols are followed in the client and server-side.   What is Protocol? Protocol simply put is […]

What is FTP server?

Prerequisites : Set a static IP for you server. Before configuring a DNS server, you should at least have a basic idea about DNS server and how it works. If you don’t know anything you can check this post. If you want to know about the records inside a DNS […]

Adding host in DNS server in Server 2012

When you first see the Local Server in Server Manager, you’ll notice a very weird computer name. It doesn’t harm you but no-one likes complicated name, more so when it is a Server. So in this post we’ll see how to change the name of your Server. You can keep […]

How to change server name in Windows Server 2012

As you know Microsoft recently launched it’s another version of Windows Server, which is more powerful and user-friendly than the old Server 2008 and 2003. The new Windows 2012 server has the same UI as that of Windows 8, and if you have used Windows Server 2003 or Server 2008, […]

How to install Windows Server 2012

Domain Name System (DNS) Every internet user has heard about Domain Name Server or DNS. Sometimes when your internet is not working you might get a DNS error. Users having static IP need to enter a server address in the DNS while setting up their connection. Where as users having […]

Domain Name Server or DNS

What is DHCP Server? DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Control Protocol. A DHCP server is one of the most essential part of any big network. Be it a college, or school or your workplace, you will find a DHCP server in any network, consisting of more than 15 computers. Function […]

DHCP Server

To fully understand the working of a DNS server you first need to know, What is a DNS server? and what is its use! You can check it here. DNS is pretty complicated topic so this post is going to be very technical and lengthy. People are buying new domains, […]

Working Of DNS server

Citrix Xen is a HyperVisor used to manage Various VM’s and give resources for them. A hypervisor is a machine, that takes care of all the virtual machines running on it. It gives them a platform to run, monitors its usage and gives them the required resources to work smoothly. […]

How to Install Citrix Xen?

LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySql and PHP. Basically LAMP consists of all the applications that are required to create and run a website. For hosting a website, you will need Webserver, which here is Apache. To store the data, we need a database. Here it is MySql. To run […]

Install LAMP in Ubuntu

Nagios is one of the most famous and used application, to check other servers in a network. We can define hosts, and the services we need to monitor, in a ‘.cfg’ file. Once we are done with that, we can enter the IP of the machine on which we installed […]

Install Nagios in Cent OS 6

Ubuntu’s personalized server is easy to use and is quite flexible. Unlike RedHat Server, where it installs the base and common packages, In ubuntu you can select which server you want to install. It gives you various options like DHCP, DNS, POSTFIX, MySql servers, and you can select multiple servers […]

How to install Ubuntu Server?

RedHat server is the standard and the most trusted server in the U.S. It supports all major hardware platforms and thousands of commercial and custom applications. It has been designed in such a way that it supports multicore systems, and at the same time provides scalability. You can use Red-Hat server and […]

How to install RedHat 6.1 Server

Proxy Server acts as an intermediate between your local network and Internet. Proxy servers is used to watch the user’s internet activities, control the bandwidth and block various sites in large industries, or schools or colleges. Every information sent by local machines goes to proxy server to the internet, and […]

Configure Squid Proxy Server

SAMBA Samba is one of the most used, and important server in any industry that prefers Linux Servers, with Windows Clients. For sharing files which are located in your Linux System, Samba servers are set up with all the clients using Windows Operating System. So samba is quite handy, because […]

Configuring Samba Server

NFS server stands for Network File Sharing Server. Basically in this, we create a machine as server, and select some folders, which we want to use from any machine in the same network. So if you share a Folder named ‘Linux Servers’, we just need to mount it on the […]

Configure NFS Server and Client

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Normal internet users access webpages via ‘http’ protocol. Here, in FTP we only deal with files. FTP is a protocol used to transfer files from one host to another. A FTP server has files for sharing or downloading, and the client uses it to […]

Configure authenticated FTP Server

Apache Webserver! What is a Web server? Web server is a machine that server requests for web contents like web pages or web services. That is, Web server gives the response when it gets a request for a particular web page. Website builders host their web pages on a dedicated […]

Configure Apache Web Server