Http or HyperText Transfer Protocol is one of the most common protocols in use today. Almost all the websites you visit use HTTP protocol. You can find which protocol is in use in the URL. Some websites show the HTTP protocol in their website’s address like while some don’t because http […]

What is difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

We already know what is DOS attack and how it can break up any network causing Denial of Service. If you don’t know about DOS, please read this post before proceeding. We only saw which were the ways in which an attacker can do DOS attacks. In this post, we will […]

What is DDOS attack?

Denial of Service (DOS) is one of the most common and easiest way of cyber-attack present today. You can use an IP anonymity/hiding along with a software and boom, you can do a denial of service. The simplicity of this attack is what makes it more dangerous. Anyone from anywhere can […]

What is DOS attack?

An IDS or Intrusion Detection System is often confused with Honeypot since both are related to network security. Many students think of it as an another type of honeypot, which is incorrect. Although, both IDS and Honeypot keep your network secure and alert you about various attacks, both of them […]

What is IDS or Intrusion Detection System ?

We all have heard about firewall. Many of us have seen a small pop-up near date & time in the task bar, asking us to turn on Firewall. People who play games in LAN, have to turn off their firewall. But what is this Firewall and why is it there? […]

What is Firewall?

Many computer/IT students would have come across this word at least once during their college life. Thankfully, it is not as complex as routers or IP addresses to understand. Well, the concept of Honeypot is quite old, but is still effective, and many companies still use it to secure themselves […]

What is Honeypot?

Virtual Private Network! Virtual private network or a VPN is a secured encrypted connection between two servers in WAN/MAN so that they can easily and securely communicate with each other over the internet. A normal connection on the internet is very insecure and a user can face various issues while […]

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

What is Virus? Virus is a malicious code that gets into your computer without your knowledge and permission and spreads itself through removable devices and network. A virus stays there until it is removed or has a self destruct condition.   How does Virus work? Virus are known to modify […]


G-mail is everyone’s favorite. Gone are those days when people used to only use RediffMail and Yahoo. When Gmail came, people loved it. Gmail is now primary id for many of us, and we use this to exchange important emails and data, let us see how you can secure your […]

Secure your Gmail Account!

Facebook is quite popular for always changing their Security settings layout. This confuses a lot of people since security settings are one thing which should be easy to understand for an average person. But we are not talking about any normal site. This is Facebook! Where there are a number […]

Facebook Security Settings!

File Permissions is one of the great features of Linux Kernel. File permissions are what makes this kernel secure. We can define File permissions using various commands, and make a file available only for some users, or group of users or no of the users. We can also define which […]

File Permissions in Linux

Proxy Server acts as an intermediate between your local network and Internet. Proxy servers is used to watch the user’s internet activities, control the bandwidth and block various sites in large industries, or schools or colleges. Every information sent by local machines goes to proxy server to the internet, and […]

Configure Squid Proxy Server