Do not track in chrome
We all know How websites track you and study your browsing activities on the internet. Your web browser plays an important role in this. Hence, Chrome and Mozilla have an in-built feature called ‘Do no track me’.  What this feature does? It automatically adds a ‘Do not track me’ in […]

Enable Do Not Track Me feature

Google privacy extension settings
We have already seen 5 must have Chrome extensions for privacy. Sadly, some developers only create extensions for one browser. So chances are some of the extensions you have in chrome won’t be available for Firefox. Hence, we have made a list of 5 must have Firefox addons for privacy. […]

Firefox addons for privacy

If you use internet and surf on websites other than Facebook and Twitter, you must have come across the term ‘Bitcoin’. Recently the hacker who stole images from iCloud of many A grade celebrities was also asking for bitcoins. You might have seen somewhere an option to pay in bitcoins. […]

What are bitcoins?

Facebook is quite popular for always changing their Security settings layout. This confuses a lot of people since security settings are one thing which should be easy to understand for an average person. But we are not talking about any normal site. This is Facebook! Where there are a number […]

Facebook Security Settings!