Suppose you’re in your room, surfing the net in USA and you visit an Indian website. The server in India is in different time zone. It’s 22nd March 2015 in USA and 23rd March 2015 in India and the server’s digital certificate is only valid from 23rd March 2015 to […]

What is NTP Server?

In this post we will learn how to configure basic DHCP server in Server 2012. Configuring a DHCP server is very easy, the only thing you need to take care of is WINS server. WINS server was an alternate option for the traditional DNS server but it failed. But still […]

Configure basic DHCP server

What is Network Switch? Switches are network devices that areĀ used to join two or more computer devices in a network. Why is Network Switch used? Network switches are used to create or setup a network. As various devices connect to this switch, you can create your own small or big […]

What is Network Switch?

What is Hub? Simply put, Hub is a device that helps connect many PCs together. Why is Hub used? The only purpose of the hub is to send data to other connected PCs. If data packets arrive at one port, it is forwarded to other ports. Earlier hubs were also […]

What is HUB?