linux commands

User Management in Linux is pretty simple and easy to remember. There are only two commands through which you can add new users. ‘useradd’ and ‘adduser’ Both these command do the same task. That is adding a new user. But there’s a little difference between them. ‘adduser’ is the new […]

User Management in Linux.

Installing applications in Linux, is quite different from the way you do in Windows. In windows all you do is, Download the ‘.exe’ file of software Run it, click next, accept license, click next. Wait for the program to install. Click exit. This is all you have to do in […]

Installing Packages in Linux

File Permissions is one of the great features of Linux Kernel. File permissions are what makes this kernel secure. We can define File permissions using various commands, and make a file available only for some users, or group of users or no of the users. We can also define which […]

File Permissions in Linux

So today we are going to learn basic Linux commands, with which you can use a Linux machine if you’re a newbie. These are just short commands generally you can figure out the function by looking at the command. NOTE : Each command may or may not have a switch. […]

Basic Linux commands