Network Address Translation is a very deep and sophisticated topic, but we are here only to give you an idea about these technologies, so you’ll be aware of what it is and how it works. We will just cover the tip of an iceberg in this post, just to familiarize […]

What is Network Address Translation

Q) What is IP?? Ans: IP stands for Internet Protocol. It is a unique address assigned to a computer when it connects to the internet. Q) Who has an IP address?? Ans: Any computer that is either connected to Internet or is connected to a network. Internet Protocol : Well, […]

Internet Protocol (IP Address)

Domain Name System (DNS) Every internet user has heard about Domain Name Server or DNS. Sometimes when your internet is not working you might get a DNS error. Users having static IP need to enter a server address in the DNS while setting up their connection. Where as users having […]

Domain Name Server or DNS

What is DHCP Server? DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Control Protocol. A DHCP server is one of the most essential part of any big network. Be it a college, or school or your workplace, you will find a DHCP server in any network, consisting of more than 15 computers. Function […]

DHCP Server

When you’re new to Linux, configuring your network can be a tedious job, and if you do it wrong, your internet won’t work. And we all know, how important internet is to us 🙂 So in this post, we will check how to configure network in Linux Systems, both RedHat […]

How to configure network in Linux