Do not track in chrome
We all know How websites track you and study your browsing activities on the internet. Your web browser plays an important role in this. Hence, Chrome and Mozilla have an in-built feature called ‘Do no track me’.  What this feature does? It automatically adds a ‘Do not track me’ in […]

Enable Do Not Track Me feature

With the boost of the internet, many computer scientists have found various ways to make the user’s life easier. Ways to cut the load on the server and traffic on the network. These tools are today being used to track the users’ activities and behavior to monitor them and make […]

How do websites track you?

Google privacy extension settings
We have already seen 5 must have Chrome extensions for privacy. Sadly, some developers only create extensions for one browser. So chances are some of the extensions you have in chrome won’t be available for Firefox. Hence, we have made a list of 5 must have Firefox addons for privacy. […]

Firefox addons for privacy

AVG Do not track extension shows you tracker on any website
In today’s world, privacy is more important than ever. With millions of websites on the internet, each having trackers to analyze your activities and habits and serve targeted ads to earn more money, privacy has become a major concern for every internet user. Nobody likes someone snooping and studying their […]

Chrome Extensions for privacy!

Suppose you’re in your room, surfing the net in USA and you visit an Indian website. The server in India is in different time zone. It’s 22nd March 2015 in USA and 23rd March 2015 in India and the server’s digital certificate is only valid from 23rd March 2015 to […]

What is NTP Server?

If you’re a fresher or developer in Computers or IT field, chances are you must have come across this word more than once. Geeks can’t stop raving about it, developers can’t stop using it, some companies even list Github as a requirement in their ads. So what is this GitHub […]

What is GitHub?

Have you ever accidentally closed a YouTube video and noticed when you try to play it again, it directly starts playing without any buffering. Or closed a website and re-opened to see the website already loaded and ready instantly. Many times websites like Google, Yahoo load in milliseconds. All of this is possible […]

What is browser cache?

If you surf the Internet (not only Facebook and Gmail but other websites too) you would’ve come across the word Cookies. So what are these cookies and why does a website asks me to enable cookies or show a message at the bottom telling me they need to store cookies? […]

What are Cookies?

Http or HyperText Transfer Protocol is one of the most common protocols in use today. Almost all the websites you visit use HTTP protocol. You can find which protocol is in use in the URL. Some websites show the HTTP protocol in their website’s address like while some don’t because http […]

What is difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

Skype is one of the necessities in every machine. Sadly, Skype isn’t available in the Ubuntu Software Center, so we’ll have to download the package and install it manually. There are two ways you can do this. Add canonical Repository and directly install Skype using apt-get. Download Debian package and […]

How to install Skype in Ubuntu

Have you faced a situation when you tried to explain a solution to your friend or co-worker and ended up with an irritated and spoilt mood. We all know how difficult it is to instruct someone about the configuration and settings over phone. Don’t you just wish you could go […]

What is TeamViewer?

Recently, 4chan was the all over the news in one of the most controversial hacking activity that took place in the last few years bought. People criticized it as the images first surfaced on this site. Websites, Newspapers went on a rampage to degrade its reputation. After a few weeks […]

What is 4chan?

Time and again, we have seen celebrities tweeting their followers that they will be available on Reddit for a AMA session. You might have come across some good links on Reddit. Reddit was also on news for the recent celebrity leaks. Sadly, many of the novice and day-to-day users still […]

What is Reddit?

If you use internet and surf on websites other than Facebook and Twitter, you must have come across the term ‘Bitcoin’. Recently the hacker who stole images from iCloud of many A grade celebrities was also asking for bitcoins. You might have seen somewhere an option to pay in bitcoins. […]

What are bitcoins?

We all know about this gigantic internet that we access. We can find everything we want on the internet, well not everything but ALMOST everything. But what if someone told you what you use a tiny part of this internet, and there’s whole new universe of information available there? You […]

What is Deep Web?

Many of us use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE or torch browser to surf the internet, but there’s one browser the general audience don’t know. It is The Onion Router or commonly known as TOR browser. In this post, we will try to make you aware of the TOR browser, what is it? […]

What is TOR?

Virtual Private Network! Virtual private network or a VPN is a secured encrypted connection between two servers in WAN/MAN so that they can easily and securely communicate with each other over the internet. A normal connection on the internet is very insecure and a user can face various issues while […]

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Everyone loves Facebook! Facebook is a social networking site which helps you connect with your friends and family. But from the last few years since Applications and Games started in, users started inviting each other to get more life or advantages and power ups etc. The thing is many users […]

How to block game invites in Facebook!

Extensions can be your browser’s best friend! These are the small tools that are integrated with your browser and help you customize your browser as per your need. However a extension’s job is not only customizing the browser, but also helping the user in various ways. In this post we will be […]

Important extensions for your browser

What is Domain name? Simply put Domain names are words used to find one or multiple IP addresses. As we know a DNS server is used to resolve the name to an IP addresses. Domain name is the bunch of characters DNS translates into an IP addresses and gives back […]

What is Domain name?