As you know Microsoft recently launched it’s another version of Windows Server, which is more powerful and user-friendly than the old Server 2008 and 2003. The new Windows 2012 server has the same UI as that of Windows 8, and if you have used Windows Server 2003 or Server 2008, […]

How to install Windows Server 2012

If you’re using any Linux distributions, you need to take some pains to install any package. The ‘Next, Next, Yes, Install’ method is not possible in Linux. Team-Viewer is a very handy tool that you SHOULD install in any Linux distributions. TeamViewer allows you to easily ask for help and get […]

How to install Team-Viewer in CentOS

Windows XP was and still is one of the best Microsoft’s Operating System. Some people are so used to XP, that they can’t use Windows 7. XP is easy to use, configure, and has everything sorted out. No complications. But, this is when you’re using XP. The installation Of Windows […]

How to Install Windows XP

What do you do when your machine is full of viruses? Hanging every other time you try to do your work? Taking minutes and minutes to start an application! You call an engineer and tell him to format the disk and Reinstall Windows 7 ! And for this small task, you […]

How to install Windows 7

Some System admins, who are not used to with Linux, or love the GUI of windows, or simply are just too used to with Windows, go for Windows Server. Although Windows Servers are easy to configure and the GUI makes it further easy, it’s still not secure than Linux. At […]

How to Install Windows 2003 Server

Ulteo Virtual Desktop (ovd) is a tool, used to provide a group of users with same/different operating systems with the same functions instantly. What do you do when you have to give laptops to 500 students or employees? You’ll format and install an Operating system in each of the Laptop, […]

Ulteo Virtual Desktop!

Citrix Xen is a HyperVisor used to manage Various VM’s and give resources for them. A hypervisor is a machine, that takes care of all the virtual machines running on it. It gives them a platform to run, monitors its usage and gives them the required resources to work smoothly. […]

How to Install Citrix Xen?

Ubuntu’s personalized server is easy to use and is quite flexible. Unlike RedHat Server, where it installs the base and common packages, In ubuntu you can select which server you want to install. It gives you various options like DHCP, DNS, POSTFIX, MySql servers, and you can select multiple servers […]

How to install Ubuntu Server?

Ubuntu is a Debian based Operating System. It is now the most used Linux OS for personal use, because of its store. The store gives a graphical interface for installing software’s, which is quite easy to use, because like other Red-Hat based Operating Systems, we need not remember the Package […]

How to install Ubuntu

RedHat server is the standard and the most trusted server in the U.S. It supports all major hardware platforms and thousands of commercial and custom applications. It has been designed in such a way that it supports multicore systems, and at the same time provides scalability. You can use Red-Hat server and […]

How to install RedHat 6.1 Server

Linux Mint just like Ubuntu, is very powerful and easy to use. Based on Debian, it is the most preferred Operating System in Linux after Ubuntu. Its design is very elegant and attractive, plus its interface makes everything simple. Just use it once, and you’ll know why people prefer Mint […]

How to Install Linux Mint

As Ubuntu is of Debian Operating System, Fedora is of RedHat operating System. Fedora emphasizes more on making the Graphical User Interface more interactive and user-friendly. Generally people use two Linux Operating Systems in their home, Ubuntu Or Fedora. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. in this post we […]

How to install Fedora

Cent OS, commonly known as Community Enterprise Operating System is an open source operating system. Cent OS meets all the RedHat’s redistribution requirements and is generally used in industries where people need a stable Operating System without certification and licensing costs. Cent OS is used mainly as webservers and for […]

How to install CentOS 6.4