Many of us use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE or torch browser to surf the internet, but there’s one browser the general audience don’t know. It is The Onion Router or commonly known as TOR browser. In this post, we will try to make you aware of the TOR browser, what is it? […]

What is TOR?

MAC Address Spoofing. So now we know, What is MAC address? Use of MAC address? How computers communicate using IP and MAC. Now let’s check , how to spoof MAC address. Adding an extra address over the existing one is called spoofing. It can be used to trick other computers […]

MAC Address Spoofing.

Have you ever faced this problem, where you can’t access your task manager? Each time you try to press ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ you get a message like this :   When you try to open Task manager through taskbar, you cannot click on it, This is caused mostly by Virus, and there’s […]

Task Manager Disabled!

Everybody uses Windows, and we are at this point, that if you don’t use windows, you just can’t work. But don’t you simply hate it when your windows freezes, or hangs, or goes in a dead lock moment, every other time you’re working? In this post, we will check 5 […]

How to speed up your Windows 7?

Today no one buys Windows XP for personal use. So if you ever download updates, you’ll get an irritating message box at the right bottom corner saying ‘Windows is not Genuine’ or ‘You may be a victim of software counterfeiting’ . Then Microsoft will show you many reasons to buy […]

Change product key in Windows XP!

Have you ever been locked out of your own account in XP? Have your parents set an Administrator password and hence you can only use your computer after you study? Or Do you want to hack your friend’s PC?? In this post, you’ll get answer to all these questions. We will look […]

Hack Windows XP Password

Everyone has secrets! And that is why Windows gives us the option to make some files ‘Hidden.’ But they are visible when we select the ‘view hidden files‘ option.  So we go for third-party software like ‘Folder Lock,’ and then crack it and put a password on it. In this […]

Hide files without any Software!