Many of us use external hard-disks for data storing, and backup.Generally all the external hard-disks are of NTFS format only, if you have used it on Windows earlier. using it on Linux will sometimes be a problem. One of the best things about Ubuntu is, it automatically detects a NTFS […]

How to mount ntfs in CentOS

In this post, we will be learning about Linux file systems which are sub directories of ‘/’ If you even have an idea of Linux, you would know, everything comes under ‘/’. While Installing, you can either divide space for each file system and install it or you can simple […]

Linux File Systems ‘/’

Installing applications in Linux, is quite different from the way you do in Windows. In windows all you do is, Download the ‘.exe’ file of software Run it, click next, accept license, click next. Wait for the program to install. Click exit. This is all you have to do in […]

Installing Packages in Linux

As Ubuntu is of Debian Operating System, Fedora is of RedHat operating System. Fedora emphasizes more on making the Graphical User Interface more interactive and user-friendly. Generally people use two Linux Operating Systems in their home, Ubuntu Or Fedora. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. in this post we […]

How to install Fedora