You might have heard about AWS some time. In this post, we’re just cover what AWS is and some of the impressive features that it provides and why you should learn it now! What is AWS? AWS or Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. If […]

What is AWS?

In this post, we will see how to install Eucalyptus Node Controller. If you don’t know what Eucalyptus is please check this post. Select ‘Install Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud’ Select your language. This language will be used when the installation is complete and you’ll start using node controller. Select location. Select […]

Install Eucalyptus Node Controller.

Installation Of Cloud Controller. Select you language.   Select the Second Option ‘Install Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. Choose language for installation process. Select your country, Select Keyboard Layout, either automatically or manually. Give your server a hostname. It will then tell, No Eucalyptus Cloud Controller was found. It then asks you […]

Install Eucalyptus Cloud Controller

Eucalyptus helps you create a private cloud infrastructure and manage it. The cloud computing infrastructure provided in Eucalyptus is compatible with EC-2 and provides S3 – compatible cloud storage. With the user-friendly interface of installation and compatibility with EC2 and S3, Eucalyptus has been very popular up until Ubuntu released […]