If you’re using any Linux distributions, you need to take some pains to install any package. The ‘Next, Next, Yes, Install’ method is not possible in Linux. Team-Viewer is a very handy tool that you SHOULD install in any Linux distributions. TeamViewer allows you to easily ask for help and get […]

How to install Team-Viewer in CentOS

Many of us use external hard-disks for data storing, and backup.Generally all the external hard-disks are of NTFS format only, if you have used it on Windows earlier. using it on Linux will sometimes be a problem. One of the best things about Ubuntu is, it automatically detects a NTFS […]

How to mount ntfs in CentOS

This is just a quick intro of Linux. What is Linux or GNU’s Linux? Everyone has heard about it, some might say android is Linux, some people think there are two Operating Systems, one Windows and other Linux, guys from Computer background generally think Linux is an Operating system, which […]

What is Linux

Installing applications in Linux, is quite different from the way you do in Windows. In windows all you do is, Download the ‘.exe’ file of software Run it, click next, accept license, click next. Wait for the program to install. Click exit. This is all you have to do in […]

Installing Packages in Linux

Nagios is one of the most famous and used application, to check other servers in a network. We can define hosts, and the services we need to monitor, in a ‘.cfg’ file. Once we are done with that, we can enter the IP of the machine on which we installed […]

Install Nagios in Cent OS 6

Cent OS, commonly known as Community Enterprise Operating System is an open source operating system. Cent OS meets all the RedHat’s redistribution requirements and is generally used in industries where people need a stable Operating System without certification and licensing costs. Cent OS is used mainly as webservers and for […]

How to install CentOS 6.4

NFS server stands for Network File Sharing Server. Basically in this, we create a machine as server, and select some folders, which we want to use from any machine in the same network. So if you share a Folder named ‘Linux Servers’, we just need to mount it on the […]

Configure NFS Server and Client

Apache Webserver! What is a Web server? Web server is a machine that server requests for web contents like web pages or web services. That is, Web server gives the response when it gets a request for a particular web page. Website builders host their web pages on a dedicated […]

Configure Apache Web Server