In the last post we saw how to install Apache web server in Red-Hat distributions. In this post, we’ll see how to install and configure Apache web server in Ubuntu or any Debian distribution. Apache in Debian is way different from Apache in Red-Hat systems. In any Red-Hat distribution, to […]

Apache Web Server in Ubuntu

LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySql and PHP. Basically LAMP consists of all the applications that are required to create and run a website. For hosting a website, you will need Webserver, which here is Apache. To store the data, we need a database. Here it is MySql. To run […]

Install LAMP in Ubuntu

Apache Webserver! What is a Web server? Web server is a machine that server requests for web contents like web pages or web services. That is, Web server gives the response when it gets a request for a particular web page. Website builders host their web pages on a dedicated […]

Configure Apache Web Server