Formatted your PC recently? Or want a software to download? Well here is the list of all the popular and daily use softwares! No need to go and google any software, or search for the Download button within Ads, or download and install a new software along with your software. […]


What is Virus? Virus is a malicious code that gets into your computer without your knowledge and permission and spreads itself through removable devices and network. A virus stays there until it is removed or has a self destruct condition.   How does Virus work? Virus are known to modify […]


Everyone uses windows. In offices, schools, home everywhere, we can see people working only on windows. So in this post, we will look at the must have software’s for any Windows Operating System. Well this post is not about which will make your machine faster or increase its performance, we […]

5 must have softwares for Windows!