Recently, 4chan was the all over the news in one of the most controversial hacking activity that took place in the last few years bought. People criticized it as the images first surfaced on this site. Websites, Newspapers went on a rampage to degrade its reputation. After a few weeks […]

What is 4chan?

We all know about this gigantic internet that we access. We can find everything we want on the internet, well not everything but ALMOST everything. But what if someone told you what you use a tiny part of this internet, and there’s whole new universe of information available there? You […]

What is Deep Web?

Many of us use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE or torch browser to surf the internet, but there’s one browser the general audience¬†don’t know.¬†It is The Onion Router or commonly known as TOR browser. In this post, we will try to make you aware of the TOR browser, what is it? […]

What is TOR?