Firefox addons for privacy

We have already seen 5 must have Chrome extensions for privacy. Sadly, some developers only create extensions for one browser. So chances are some of the extensions you have in chrome won’t be available for Firefox. Hence, we have made a list of 5 must have Firefox addons for privacy.
Some of them have been already covered in Chrome extensions so we’ll try to add new ones here.

  • ZenMate Security and Privacy VPN
    ZenMate is one of the featured and popular addon on Mozilla Firefox. It provides you with free one click VPN which is right beside your address bar. Click and start surfing anonymously.
    They claim that they don’t track or store any IP address (ZenMate Privacy Policy) and also give a lightning fast speed while using their VPN.

    ZenMate extension for firefox

    ZenMate addon for firefox


  • BLUR
    Previously known as MaskMe, Blur is an improved version of MaskMe. Blur helps you generate a strong password when you’re signing up. You don’t need to remember this password. Next time you visit the login page, it’ll automatically enter your strong generated password for you.
    It also blocks the trackers and keepsyourpurchase history confidential if you buythisaddon. The famous Mask Me feature is also available in Blur where you can mask your original e-mail with a dummy one. If any website tries, it’ll track the dummy email.

    Blur addon for firefox

    Blur addon for firefox


  • BetterPrivacy
    We all know What are cookies and how they are used to track you. BetterPrivacy addon deals specifically with special long-term cookies known as Flash Cookies. These cookies offer unlimited user tracking, are always hidden and are never expiring objects. BetterPrivacy offers an easier way to view and to manage them since browsers are incapable of doing that.
    When you watch any video using flash, the flash plug-in silently installs this cookie in your machine. It’s difficult to find which flash cookie is tracking you. With over 500,000 downloads,BetterPrivacy is a musthaveaddon for your Firefox!

    betterprivacy addon for firefox

    betterprivacy addon for Firefox


  • Google Privacy
    Mozilla Firefox has a ‘Do NOT Track Me‘ option. Many websites choose to ignore this and add tracking information to the HTTP header. This add-on shows tracking-free links or optionally replaces the results with those links. Since it is anewaddon, only Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, Bing and Facebook are now supported.

    Google privacy addon settings

    Google privacy addon settings


  • Remove Google Tracking
    When you search for anything on Google and click on the search result, Google adds a redirect for tracking and then takes you to the website. Remove Google Tracking addon will help you remove this embedded tracking and will open a link directly.

You can also install Ghostery addon. Since it was covered in Chrome extensions, we decided to add a new addon instead of that. So these are some of the Mozilla Firefox addons that you can install to secure yourself and your privacy on the internet to a certain extent.

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