Chrome Extensions for privacy!

In today’s world, privacy is more important than ever. With millions of websites on the internet, each having trackers to analyze your activities and habits and serve targeted ads to earn more money, privacy has become a major concern for every internet user.

Nobody likes someone snooping and studying their activities on World Wide Web. Everybody has secrets. So here are 5 Chrome extensions for privacy recommended by GeekStartS!

  • HTTPS everywhere
    This extension will automatically find the HTTPS version of a website and redirect you to it so you’re always safe and secure while browsing on internet. Many websites launch their HTTP version but rarely redirect you from the older version to newer. HTTPS will help you with this.

    HTTPS everywhere extension

    HTTPS everywhere extension


  • Ghostery / Do Not Track Me .
    Ghostery and Do Not Track Me have same functionality. Both these extensions will help you see and block all the online trackers that are running on the website. Both extensions allow you to either permanently turn off or turn on all the trackers. However, you do need to sign up before using it.
    You’ll be astonished to see the number of trackers on each websites. Here’s a screenshot ofGhostery and their Introduction video:

    Trackers on T-mobile found using Ghostery

    Trackers on T-mobile found using Ghostery

    Do Not Track Me is quite impressive too. They have additional features like masking your e-mail (masking your original e-mail with dummy e-mail address), credit card details and history! You can also see a detailed report of how a website is trying to track you.

    AVG Do not track extension shows you tracker on any website

    AVG Do not track extension


  • ZenMate Security, Privacy and Unblock VPN
    This extension will help you hide your IP and encrypts and secures your browsing history and traffic. It’ll give you a free VPN in the extension itself, so not more hassle to download, install and run a VPN every time. Just click and enable the VPN and secure your browser from all the tracking activities. It also gives you a choice to select IP from 5 different countries.ZenMate now has 3 Million users.

    zenmate extension for Chrome

    zenmate extension for Chrome


  • Disconnect
    Disconnect extension helps you visually see which trackers are now tracking you and to whom they report.

    How Disconnect shows you trackers

    Disconnect extension for Chrome


  • AVG Privacy fix.
    Yet another extension from AVG which helps you be more secure on the internet. This extension analyzes your settings on Facebook, LinedIn and Google Plus and helps you take control of your privacy settings. It suggests you what to steps to increase your privacy and be more secure and blocks sites who sell your information.


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