Operating Systems

check new swap partition
We know what is Swap memory in Linux and why it is so important to have one. Swap is your RAM’s best buddy and helps him run the OS smoothly. If you’re a newbie and just went created the ‘/’ or forgot to create a swap partition, don’t worry, in […]

How to create a Swap Partition in Linux

How linux boott process works
If you’re a Linux newbie, the Linux Boot Process is one of the most crucial, important and fundamental thing you should know. It gives a detailed idea about how the system works, how it starts and in which order all the processes are executed. It will also help you troubleshoot […]

Linux Boot Process

Format the new partition
We have often come across the word MBR or GPT.  If you’re installing Windows 8 / Windows 8, you’ll get an option asking you if you want the new partition as GPT or as MBR? What is GPT partition or MBR partition and how will it affect my hard disks? […]

Difference between MBR and GPT!

How Swap memory and RAM work
If you’re a Linux newbie and you want to install any Linux OS like Ubuntu Desktop or Ubuntu Server, RedHat Server  or even CentOS or Fedora or Mint, you always allocate some space for ‘/’ and ‘swap’ before installing. We all know why we need ‘/’. But why do we […]

What is Swap space in Linux?

Example of softlink file
Before diving into Hard Links and Soft Links, we first need to understand what is a Link? In Linux, a file has two parts: Data part. Filename part. Data part of the file is directly linked to the inode. What is inode? Well it is something that stores all the […]

What is Hardlink and Softlink

Skype is one of the necessities in every machine. Sadly, Skype isn’t available in the Ubuntu Software Center, so we’ll have to download the package and install it manually. There are two ways you can do this. Add canonical Repository and directly install Skype using apt-get. Download Debian package and […]

How to install Skype in Ubuntu

In the last post we saw how to install Apache web server in Red-Hat distributions. In this post, we’ll see how to install and configure Apache web server in Ubuntu or any Debian distribution. Apache in Debian is way different from Apache in Red-Hat systems. In any Red-Hat distribution, to […]

Apache Web Server in Ubuntu

Data, as mentioned in earlier posts, are one of the most important things to look after in any server. Which is why, Microsoft has introduced Storage pools, which are very much like LVM in Linux. But is it really necessary? Do we need Storage pools? Well lets see how we […]

Create and manage Storage pools in Server 2012

So now that we have a centralized server to control all the machines and servers in our domain and outside, there will be times when you as a server administrator will have to troubleshoot problems. You can’t go to places to solve simple problems. If it’s a small company, you […]

Administer other Servers via Remote Desktop

If you don’t know what Disk Space Quota is please refer this link. Now that we know everything about Disk Space Quota, lets see how to set Quotas in Server 2012. For Quota Management, we need File Server Resource Manager. It isn’t installed by default so we will have to […]

How to set Quotas in Server 2012

Disk Space quota is one of the best features provided by Microsoft! As a System Administrator in any company, you’re always worried about the storage requirements of clients. But employees working in company don’t need the amount of storage they have at their home. That’s mainly because, on their system they keep data […]

What is Disk Space Quota?

When you need to buy a new laptop or desktop you often get bombarded by the sales rep with stuffs you don’t know! They use all the technical jargon to confuse and manipulate you into buying a more costly product. Well this is because they are trained to tell all this […]

Computer Specifications

Adding new users is one of the most easiest and simplest task for any administrator. You can add as many users you want and assign them to various groups or define permissions explicitly! But the point to remember here is, these users will only work on computers that are already exists […]

Add new users in Server 2012

Now we know how to install Server 2012, and then install and configure Active Directory, DHCP and DNS servers. But you also need to manage other computers and users. Having computers in the same network isn’t enough. You need to add computers to the domain and only then you can get access […]

Add a computer to Windows Server domain

Formatted your PC recently? Or want a software to download? Well here is the list of all the popular and daily use softwares! No need to go and google any software, or search for the Download button within Ads, or download and install a new software along with your software. […]


Prerequisites : Set a static IP for you server. Before configuring a DNS server, you should at least have a basic idea about DNS server and how it works. If you don’t know anything you can check this post. If you want to know about the records inside a DNS […]

Adding host in DNS server in Server 2012

In the earlier post we saw how to install Active Directory Domain Services, DHCP server and DNS server. Now that everything is installed lets start configuring these features. In this post we will see how to Configure Active Directory Domain Services. Since we just installed these features we got some […]

Configure Active Directory Domain Services