All basic stuffs about you computer.

We have often heard things that files deleted from ‘Recycle bin’ or ‘Shift-deleted‘ are permanently deleted and are gone forever. However this is MYTH. Deleted files can be recovered just as they were, if you take the necessary actions immediately. Files deleted from ‘Recycle bin’ or ‘Shift-deleted’ still live in your machine […]

What happens when you delete a file?

When you need to buy a new laptop or desktop you often get bombarded by the sales rep with stuffs you don’t know! They use all the technical jargon to confuse and manipulate you into buying a more costly product. Well this is because they are trained to tell all this […]

Computer Specifications

What is Virus? Virus is a malicious code that gets into your computer without your knowledge and permission and spreads itself through removable devices and network. A virus stays there until it is removed or has a self destruct condition.   How does Virus work? Virus are known to modify […]


Extensions can be your browser’s best friend! These are the small tools that are integrated with your browser and help you customize your browser as per your need. However a extension’s job is not only customizing the browser, but also helping the user in various ways. In this post we will be […]

Important extensions for your browser

USE OF MAC ADDRESS. What happens when you ask for a web page? How does the server only gives you the page you requested, and not the one other machine’s on the same network asked for? What is the real use MAC address? let’s have a look at it. Service […]

Use of MAC Address

MAC Address Spoofing. So now we know, What is MAC address? Use of MAC address? How computers communicate using IP and MAC. Now let’s check , how to spoof MAC address. Adding an extra address over the existing one is called spoofing. It can be used to trick other computers […]

MAC Address Spoofing.

We already know what is RAM. So in this post will learn more about in RAM in detail. Nowadays we use DDR SDRAM’s. The thing common in every RAM is it has an Integrated Circuits (IC) on it. IC has a bunch of electronic circuits on a single small chip. […]

RAM in detail (SDRAM’s)

What is RAM???? This is a very simple question, yet many of us can’t answer it! All we know is RAM comes in 1GB, 2GB, 3GB etc and our smartphones have it. You may have studied about RAM and ROM in school days, and forgot it right after you passed your […]

What is RAM???

What is Hub? Simply put, Hub is a device that helps connect many PCs together. Why is Hub used? The only purpose of the hub is to send data to other connected PCs. If data packets arrive at one port, it is forwarded to other ports. Earlier hubs were also […]

What is HUB?

When your computer starts, press delete. You’ll enter into a blue screen which will have many options in it. Like the one given below. Can you see something called as CMOS? Have you ever wondered: What CMOS is? Why is it used? Why is it so important? What is CMOS? […]

What is CMOS?

What is BIOS? BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. It is a volatile memory (loses all its stored information once the machine is shut down) and so needs CMOS with it, to work properly. If your BIOS is corrupt, your system will never boot. What does BIOS do? The first thing BIOS […]

What is BIOS?

Your Central Processing Unit, or CPU as you call it, consists of lots of hardware! But do you know how the hardware looks like? How do they function? What are their uses? There are lots of Hardware inside the computer; we will just look at the famous ones! Its is the […]

Hardware inside Computer!